This consortium is comprised of like-minded executives working together to harness the potential of a real-time, blockchain-based, peer-to-peer network, lower costs for publishers and increase ROI for advertisers.

our goals

Examples of tangible goals this consortium will work to achieve are as follows:


Validate placements and transactions ensuring brand safety through greater transparency


Data-portability using multi-signature wallets and cryptographic keys for unduplicated campaign execution and measurement


Remove layers of inefficiency in technology stacks to cure the disappearing ad dollar


Cross-network identity management and attribution reporting


Establish protocol around a decentralized peer-to-peer data sharing solution


Standardize Audience Segments
Governance in Code:
Regulatory Compliance
Uploading Data, Encryption,
Assigning / Revoking Keys
Universal Language
of Smart Contracts


"The implementation of decentralized network technology will bring much needed transparency and data security to the ad tech supply chain."

The Internet revolutionized communication by facilitating the sharing of information. Blockchain protocol and the peer to peer network it supports makes trust a consequence of the technology and has the power to revolutionize the way value is exchanged online. Peer-to-peer data sharing is the future and is already transforming diverse industries from finance to healthcare and, now, ad tech.

Currently, a combination of bots, bidding fraud, and lack of transparency costs the U.S. advertising industry an average of $8.2 billion a year, according to the IAB’s report on the cost of trust. Advertisers want unduplicated reach in brand-safe environments with consistent measurement reports. Instead, they are faced with fraud and opaqueness for every dollar they spend. Publishers’ margins are squeezed by intermediaries and they’re forced to compete with the reach and targeting of industry giants, Google and Facebook.

The implementation of decentralized network technology will bring much needed transparency and data security to the ad tech supply chain. By establishing a peer-to-peer, permission-based, data sharing network powered by blockchain, publishers and advertisers will finally be able to challenge the Google-Facebook duopoly with increased targeting capabilities.

Blockchain has the potential to lower the cost of trust, but perhaps even more exciting is the potential to create new opportunities for industry players to work together toward achieving common goals.

The blockchain economy requires the collaboration of many, therefore, we want to hear from you.